Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen-Beauty &
Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen-Beauty &
Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen-Beauty &
Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen-Beauty &
Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen-Beauty &

Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen

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Clear your skin of pimples and acne, and prevent future blemishes and breakouts with the dermatologist-recommended Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen!

Meet your powerful new weapon in the fight against acne! Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen uses the dual power of laser-focused blue LED light and T-Sonic pulsation to blast blemishes out of existence. Clinically proven to treat and heal acne-prone skin, Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen helps you get rid of acne in a way that’s simple, effective and fast!

Take aim at your blemishes with the same powerful beam of 415 nm blue LED light used by dermatologists for professional treatments, but at a fraction of the cost. Equipped with laser-focused crosshairs and T-Sonic pulsations, Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen targets pimples, clogged pores, and blackheads, with studies showing 3 out of 4 people report clearer-looking skin after just one use.

When bacteria and dead skin cells trap excess sebum in pores, your skin becomes red and inflamed, resulting in an embarrassing breakout. Covering it up never seems to work, and other treatments can have irritating side effects. Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pendens pimples before they ever have a chance to surface.

Main Causes of Acne

  • DIET


Blue light acne therapy works by firing LED light energy into pores to attack acne-causing bacteria — known as P. acnes — where it lives. Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Penn unique T-Sonic pulsations propel blue light wavelengths deeper, for an amplified effect. This noninvasive acne treatment is FDA-approved, pain-free and mess-free!

Stunning Results:

  • 100% Clearer Skin
  • 4/5 Fewer Breakouts
  • 90% Healthier Looking Skin *after a 28-day consumer test


  • Laser-focused blue LED light eliminates acne-causing bacteria while T-Sonic pulsations facilitate the renewal
  • Soft silicone is gentle enough for even the most sensitive acne-infected skin and prevents the spread of bacteria from spot to spot
  • 30-second treatment with a built-in timer and targeting crosshairs for a treatment with laser precision
  • Lightweight and portable to treat pimples anytime they pop up

How to Use Your Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen:

  • Cleanse your face to remove all dirt and makeup. The Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen’s blue light is most effective on clean, unblocked skin.
  • Press the center button once to activate the device and point it over the blemish using the targeting red light. The blue light will activate on contact with the skin.
  • Hold the Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen on the blemish for 30 seconds, at which point it will pulse to let you know it's completed.
  • It's that simple. For mild acne, apply two 30 second routines. For more moderate acne, 3 to 4 routines are recommended


  • Size: 172 x 65 x 38 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Material: ABS


  • SKIN WARMTH: The skin may feel warm during treatment, which is not any cause for concern as it is normal
  • TEMPORARY SKIN REDNESS: The skin may develop a slight redness that fades within 24 hours
  • TEMPORARY SKIN DISCOLORATION: If the skin develops a slight discoloration that lasts more than 24 hours, stop using the Blue Light Therapy Cosmetic Laser Pen