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Butterfly Flip Finz

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What's cooler is that watching an expert flip that blade around and seeing why it's called a butterfly? But learning to use a butterfly can be a dangerous and even painful experience.

Now, here's your opportunity to learn to manipulate a butterfly without all the blood and bandages. This knife has a dull-edged black finished blade with weight reducing cut-outs. The blade is not sharp and it cannot be sharpened due to the design.

The handles feature pin and channel and look extra thick. But they are skeletonized designed to reduce weight. So they are not too much heavy, have a good feel in the hand, and won't slip.

This trainer includes a durable tail latch for holding the knife open or securely locking it closed. Out of the box, it might be a bit stiff, but after about a day of flipping, it'll open with ease.


  • Solid pin channel construction.Anti-impact
  • The handles feature a skeletonized design to reduce weight
  • No offensive blade. If you are new to flipping a knife, we would suggest practicing your flipping tricks by standing to face towards a bed, a sofa, on a carpet or lawn to avoid damage
  • Brand new, safe, from a smoke-free environment and high quality