Clean watering can
Clean watering can
Clean watering can
Clean watering can
Clean watering can

Clean Watering Can

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Cleans Up To 20 Windows!
  • Full Crystal Window and All Purpose Cleaner is a necessity for every household! Excellent for cars, boats, RV's, patio furniture, siding, and windows all the way through the screens!
  • You can use Full Crystal with complete confidence, as this formula will not harm your grass, plants, shrubs or pets.
  • Simply add recommended amount of powder formula to the unique bottle with aluminum nozzle and shut off valve.
  • Attach bottle cap to your garden hose and then attach filled bottle. 
  • Full Crystal formula and bottle allow you to clean second and even third story windows, while keeping both feet on the ground.
  • Reaches up to 27 feet high with 60 pounds of pressure. Just spray on and rinse off for a streak-free and spotless finish.
  • Each 4 oz pack will clean up to 20 windows! No wiping, streaking or spotting - just spray on, rinse off.
  • Fill sprayer bottle to the top of the upper three ridges on the bottle with warm to hot tap water.
  • Pour one refill packet of Full Crystal powder into bottle while stirring until completely dissolved.
  • Attach sprayer cap to garden hose then attach filled sprayer bottle to cap.
  • Multi-purpose cleaning system for windows, cars, boats, patio furniture and more
  • Reusable spray bottle with adjustable aluminum nozzle and shut-off valve for outdoor use
  • Attaches to any garden hose to tackle all your toughest cleaning jobs
  • Powerful fan nozzle that reaches up to 27' high with 60 PSI of home water pressure
  • Cleans up to 20 windows and can also be used without the sprayer for inside windows, mirrors and other surfaces
  • Includes Bottle, Lid with Sprayer